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Support Services

A Hospital the size of MMH requires many units in order to keep it functioning. Some are featured on this page.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a major component for managing a Hospital. Having an ICT Unit, a hospital is able to design effective processes and manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspect of the hospital. ICT Unit supports and ensures continued availability and maximum utilization of the entire Hospital ICT systems, this includes but not limited to HMIS, office automation software, email and internet and Computer Hardware. We also support the network systems (intranet), and make sure the institution systems run seamlessly and with minimum downtimes every day. Our intranet and internet both run on fibre optic backbone. The unit is equipped with high-end servers, all units have good computers installed and maintained by ICT staff and also the unit has well trained staff to be able to support the digital needs of the hospital. We also do in-house trainings for our staff in order to ensure that they are well placed to cope with the technology for efficient and effective delivery of services to our clients.

Chaplaincy Department

Chaplaincy is a support unit for staff and patients. There are three chaplains who are Methodist ministers, and two evangelists. Morning devotions are held in the Hospital Chapel each weekday morning, led by a rota of various staff within the hospital. Prayers are held with patients after the staff devotions.


Our mortuary is well placed within the hospital setting and within Maua town for easy and convenient access. We pride ourselves in offering services that relate well with the grieving families. Our mortuary has a very serene environment and spacious areas both for vehicle parking and accommodation of a large number of mourners. We offer preservation and storage services using modern technology. We also offer body transit services for those who would wish to bring the body stored from other facilities that are far from the Meru catchment so that on the burial day they can collect the body from MMH to go to the burial site.


This is the centre where all the meals for patients and Methodist College of Health Sciences (MCHS) students are prepared. We ensure that the meals at the kitchen are nutritious and are prepared at the right time for each food menu and according to the menu timetable. The modernised kitchen has been in use since May 2014. We use improved jikos and it is more spacious than the old kitchen.


Laundry as one of the support units in the hospital is concerned with linen cleanliness. It supplies all units with clean linen for patients and also other areas in the hospital. The unit is equipped with laundry machines to take the washing load within the reasonable time. There are also drying machines for when the weather does not permit open air drying.

Maintenance (& Biomedical)

Maintenance department comprises of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Plumbing Works and Carpentry. The team is involved in general installations, maintenance and repairing of all hospital equipment and appliances. Installation and commissioning of new machines and power lines. Repairs

Other Support Serives

Other support services include:

  1. Accounts
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Medical Records Office
  4. A pool of drivers
  5. Sewing room
  6. Purchases