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In-Patient Services

Maua Methodist Hospital is a vibrant and dynamic community that encourages continued growth in all spheres of life.
The Medical Department forms an integral part of Maua Methodist Hospital, providing excellent Medical care to our patients. The staff in the Clinical areas include:

  1. General Surgeon
  2. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  3. Paediatrician
  4. Internal Medicine Consultant
  5. Palliative Care Specialist
  6. Orthopaedic Surgeon
  7. Family Medicine specialist

We have 6 medical officers and 16 clinical officers.
Being an Internship Centre for Medical Officers and Clinical Officers in Kenya, we place a high premium on training.
We currently have 5 medical officers and 10 clinical officers doing their internship this year.

Our strengths include:

  1. Continued dedication to education, especially as a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited institution by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board
  2. Availability of Consultants in various departments
  3. Being a Mission Hospital offering service for a large part of the Meru region, the patient load allows for wide and varied clinical experience
  4. Availability of Surgeons to provide emergency Trauma care
  5. Diversity among the team members which enhances unity and allows learning from each other’s experiences

Areas that offer opportunities for improvement and in which we would appreciate input include:

  1. Need for volunteer doctors in various fields especially Paediatrics, Pathology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgeons of Different Specialties
  2. Development of Postgraduate training in Family Medicine and General Surgery/Orthopaedics
  3. Strengthening research – we look forward to making Maua Methodist Hospital a Centre of Excellence in Research.

The In-Patient services are:

  1. Female ward
  2. Male ward
  3. Maternity wards
  4. Paediatric ward
  5. Theatre (OR)

Female Ward

This is a unit with a capacity of 50 beds. Any female patient over 16 years is admitted with medical, gynaecological or surgical conditions. The common conditions include gastritis, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and pneumonia among others; fractures and trauma from road traffic accidents especially motor-cycle accidents, cuts from assaults and diabetic wounds. Currently cancer cases are on the increase.
We have a challenge in diagnostic equipment (e.g. CT scan) as most of the patients needing this are referred to other health facilities.
We hope to develop a High Dependency Unit and then a renal unit. We will need to have specialised staff trained to work in these units.

Male Ward

The unit has a bed capacity of 52. The ward admits all male patients with medical and surgical conditions who are aged 16 years and above. The majority of patients admitted to male ward have traumatic injuries caused by road traffic accidents or assault. There is a section for patients with burns.
Our vision is to have a 4-bed High Dependency Unit. One of the nursing staff is in training for specialised critically ill patient care. We also hope to have CT scan available.


This is a unit consisting of Labour and Delivery ward, Ante-natal and Post-natal ward and Newborn Baby Care Unit. All services are offered by highly qualified and committed professionals who are passionate about their job.
They are updating the wards to provide an improved environment for mothers with insurance and those requesting for private care.

Paediatric ward

The paediatric ward nursing team is led by Sr Florence Gitonga, a trained Paediatric Nurse (KRPN) who has been in charge for the past 10 years. The nurses work closely with the Paediatrician and other medical staff to serve all children under 16 years of age. The main diagnoses of the children include pneumonia, tonsillitis, malaria, hernias, and neonatal sepsis.

We plan to develop private services in the near future.

Operating Theatre

There are three Operating rooms.
Every day is operating day. We carry out general surgery, obstetric and gynaecology surgical procedures, endoscopies and much more. There are planned (elective) surgery and emergency surgeries.
We have a CSSD supplying sterile equipment for the entire hospital but run by the Theatre staff.