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We are proud to be one of the leading medical laboratories in offering quality medical laboratory testing in the region. The laboratory operates 24 hrs a day ensuring delivery of efficient, effective and timely laboratory reports.  Our laboratory is equipped with modern medical equipment that are well maintained and serviced to ensure quality results for our client.We are also enrolled in an external quality assurance program from Europe to assure our testing meets international quality. The laboratory is committed to rapid turnaround times for the various laboratory tests to ensure timely service for our clients.
The clinical chemistry section provides a range of basic and advanced test which include: Renal function, liver function and specialized immunochemistry test such as thyroid function test and prostate specific antigen test. This is done using state of the art machines.
A wide range of serological tests are offered which are able to facilitate the diagnosis of infections such as syphilis, brucellosis, HBV and HCV
The haematology section uses flow cytometry that aids in the diagnosis of haematological malignancies.
Our microbiology section offers a range of tests which include cultures and drug sensitivity testing, TB diagnosis both microscopically and using the Gene Xpert, TB, and PCR.