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Out-Patient Services

This is a big department that is key to out-patient services and is poised for better service delivery after the on-going restructuring is completed. Key units have been upgraded in terms of infrastructure and staffing as well as capacity building.
The hospital is running a training programme that our staff are benefitting through scholarships on HIV care management, TB Care as well as palliative care trainings. This is increasing the publicity of the hospital since other hospitals within the county and beyond are benefitting.
The department offers specialised clinics in Surgical, Gynaecological, Diabetes/Hypertension, eye and dental services which are well utilised by the community.
Emergency services are provided in a well set out, spacious and accessible casualty area.
The outpatient pharmacy is well set out, with spacious and well-arranged booths with a spacious waiting bay.
We have started private clinic services in well-built consultation rooms and spacious waiting bay to cater for the business and corporate clients. The clinic is picking up well and is poised for steady growth.

Our Departmental vision moving forward

  1. Complete the new OPD reception waiting area to improve patients flow and comfort as they wait for service delivery.
  2. Double our current OPD reviews.
  3. Increase the number of private clinic patients reviews and private care admissions.
  4. More community and patients enrolled in NHIF and using the OPD NHIF Scheme. We envision to enrol 100,000 community members into the scheme who will utilise our OPD and inpatient services.
  5. Continuous review of services offered to our patients’ satisfaction through exit surveys and action taken to improve the services.
  6. Training of specialist health care workers in various disciplines; Eye, ENT, Psychiatry, ICU care and psychological counselling services as we diversify our services and deliver quality services.
  7. Build a modern trauma care centre to meet the community needs who need specialised care following road accidents.

The Out-Patient Department offers the following services:
- Accident and Emergency
- Out- Patient clinic (general)
- Diabetic / hypertensive clinic
- Medical Out- Patient / Physician clinic
- Surgical Out- Patient
- Obstetric / Gynaecology clinic
- Paediatric out- patient clinic
- Private clinic
- Dental clinic
- Eye clinic
- ENT clinic
- Chest clinic
- Physiotherapy clinic
- Orthopaedic clinic
- Dermatology clinic
- Epilepsy clinic
- Nutrition clinic
- Maternal Child Health
The MCH unit has worked hard on educating communities so much that we have a reduced incidence of malaria and malnutrition. We are looking forward to starting a wellness clinic along side the normal Ante-natal, Post-natal, child welfare, and family planning services.

Comprehensive Care Clinic

Currently we have almost 2,580 patients in care in our programme and amongst this slightly above 400 are below the age of 24 years. Amongst this group 275 are young teenagers between the ages of 10 and 19 years. These challenging years of human growth, without the right approach to their treatment, there is increased number of defaulters in their appointment, missed drugs and this leads to poor suppression and eventual resistance to drugs.
We have developed age-based model of treatment which incorporates their needs. We have developed a Youth Centre with a focus on equipment and skill development tools that attract and appeal to this generation of young people.
This is an enormous vision that we are trusting God for. Furnishing the Youth Centre requires resources, for with plan to install things like smart TVs, play station, sofas, pool tables and mind engaging games like chess, monopoly – and also a small library.