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Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

All receive quality and compassionate healthcare in obedience of the Great commandment. (John 13:34)

Mission Statement

To serve as a leading Christian referral and training institution providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare that demonstrates the power of the gospel.


Sharing and caring.

Core Vales

  1. God fearing - the central value and foundation of all that we do is a reverent fear of the Lord. Proverbs 9:10
  2. Commitment - doing what we have agreed to do in our roles and making the best use of all our resources, including time.
  3. Embracing professionalism - in areas within our hospital community and with our clients, partners and suppliers of goods and services.
  4. Honesty - in all our dealings amongst staff and in the services we offer to our clients.
  5. Integrity - promoting and encouraging integrity at individual level and as an organization.
  6. Accountability - both through established systems, to one another and to our partners and clients.
  7. Respect - we recognize diversity of opinions and deliberately endeavour to respect each other within established norms.
  8. Teamwork - everyone’s contribution is important, and no individual can succeed alone.
  9. Courage - acting boldly on our convictions based on information available to us for improving our services.